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Our Process

Damaging Event & Damage Assessment

damaging event halligan roofing - Halligan Roofing

If you suspect your home has sustained damage or notice damage to your home or roof, call us for our free and “no strings attached” inspection. Our team at Halligan has experience with identifying damage that may be invisible to most. Upon conclusion of the examination, our team members will provide you with a recommendation as to filing a claim or not.

Insurance Adjustment and Approval

insurance adjustment halligan roofing - Halligan Roofing

Once you file a claim with your insurance provider and schedule a date for your adjustment, your Project Manager will be present during the adjustment process. Their presence serves to assist the adjuster and serve as your advocate when assessing damage to your home. Our team has vast experience in dealing with the complex approval process, and we assure you that we will do everything within our power to assist in the approval process.

Choosing Your New Roof

Your Project Manager will assist you in choosing the best roof for you. From style, color, and degree of storm protection, we’ve got you covered. We want to ensure that you receive a roof with outstanding curb appeal and offers the best protection for your home.


installation halligan roofing - Halligan Roofing

The first order of business is removing your old roof. Our team of installers will take the utmost care in the removal process to protect your yard from unwanted debris. Next, our team will begin laying new underlayment to preserve the deck of your roof from water penetration, ensuring the integrity of your roofing deck for years to come. Finally, our team will install the starter layer and field shingles (the area you see on a finished roof), ending with the ridge shingles.

Final Inspection and Warranty

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Once the installation is complete, your Project Manager will inspect the roof to ensure it meets our installation expectations. If your mortgage company, municipality, or insurance company requests a final inspection, your Project Manager will facilitate their inspection as well. After the final review, your Project Manager will discuss warranty options with you—these range from our standard no-cost manufacturer and in-house workmanship warranty to some cost, which include more exhaustive options, should you choose.

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As a Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning, our team is well-versed in the cutting edge of roofing technology and is proud to offer only the finest products to our customers. Owens Corning has been an industry leader in roofing products since 1938. Many attempt to imitate, but none come close to outperforming this industry leader.

As the best, Owens Corning is proud to offer a best-in-class warranty, given by only the companies selected as Preferred Contractors. We understand your home is second only to your family, so we only provide first-class protection. In combination with Owens Corning, our goal is to provide your family with the peace of mind to rest comfortably. For more information, click the link below.

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